Thursday, May 05, 2005
ESPN -- We lead in American sports coverage ... screw the rest of the world

I watched SportsCenter for an hour this morning only because during the intro I saw Ambrosini's header to beat PSV yesterday and I was excited that SportsCenter would be showing highlights from what was an amazing, amazing game.


Not only was there no highlight from the game, all they showed was the header which gave Milan the crucial away goal even though PSV had been the better side over both legs as highlight No. 3 in the Top 10 plays of the day. They did mention that it was from the "AC Milan, PSV Champion League game" but didn't mention it was the second leg of the semifinals (not that anyone watching but me cared).

But the worst part, the part that pissed me off, is just like yesterday (where they showed something in the Top 10 from the Chelsea Liverpool game (I think Jerzy Dudek's save on the free kick)), they adopted this stupid British accent and tried to use this horrible golf-isms ("that's a useful shot") and then went back to Coco Crisp diving to catch a baseball in a meaningless regular season game.

These guys and women on SportsCenter (Bob Ley, Suzy Kolber and every once in a while Brian Kenny excepted) are just hacks. It's tough to watch anymore because they expect us to watch more for them instead of for the highlights.

And nevermind that people who watch might actually like the world's game so we could mention that the second biggest competition in the world (behind the World Cup and probably slightly ahead of EURO) might deserve a mention. PSV even has an American on the team (who, admittedly, has gotten a lot of press for a soccer player recently)!

Argh. Fuckers. The lot of them.


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