Sunday, May 29, 2005
Thoughts from a football-packed Saturday
Thoughts in a bulleted format:

  • England 2 - US 1: The England 2nd team beat the U.S. 1.5-team 2-1. The first half was poor from US efforts as Man Utd cum West Brom. midfielder Kieran Richardson tried to acquire himself a richer contract with two goals. Alan Smith (not to be confused with the guy who found the theory of economics) is still a punk and I still don't like him. Though I was surprised to find out he was only 24.

    It was good of Il Bruce to give Dempsey the start as I think he and Bones are the future of American soccer. Donovan works best as a true 10 so I'm not sure what the deal is going to be with two attacking mids demanding playing time. Does this push Reyna out the door? Does he see the writing on the wall and is that why he chose to stay with Man City and train for next year?


    Also, Eddie Pope was brutal yesterday. Not sure if he lost his spot permanently yesterday but Boca was much better when he came in.

    All in all, a meaningless result but would have been nice to beat the England B squad if only for international recognition. We're still not there yet.

  • If you haven't seen Carlos Ruiz's bicycle-kick goal against D.C., click on the link and see it now. Quite possibly the greatest goal scored in MLS history. Even better than Balboa's. And, once you've watched it, go vote for it as Goal of teh Week at

  • My boys at RSL screwed the pooch something hard on Saturday. Still drawing great crowds and I hope they don't disappear after a 3-0 shellacking from the boys from Chicago.

  • Is there a stranger group than the Fire this year? 5-4-1 which means only one draw. And at 16 points only five behind the unbeaten Revs in the East.

  • Well, that stranger group might be the Swamp Things. Any other week and Djorkaeff's strike is goal of the week but it's nice to see him get on the board. Even at 37 I think he's the best player in the league and it's handy that he and Abbe Ibrahim (the next breakout star in MLS) both speak French. It's handy to have an 18-year-old be able to learn from a master like Djorkaeff in a native language. It will only help him progress.

  • At the beginning of the season, I thought the Metros and teh Goats were going to be the worst teams in the league. Well, I was right on one account. The good part about that is that Colorado sucks so much that if RSL can play decently while their internationals are gone this summer (and that's saying a lot because the Monarchs can't score or defend well) then RSL is almost guaranteed that fourth playoff spot.

  • What's up with MLS attendance? For the most part, attendance has been steady no matter the records of the teams ... now this year it appears fans are staying away when the team sucks (Columbus) and showing up a bit more when the team is good (see recent attendance marks for teh Revs ... though not as many as should be there). This would be an important corner MLS will turn when fans care about the on-field results instead of seeing it as a nice night with the family. It moves from "good summer evening activity with the family" to "sport we're really following" and I think that's really important for MLS, especially in year 10.

  • The Rapids are the Clippers of MLS. I don't think they'll ever be good.

  • Let it be known that I made it out to a bar to watch the England-US game, got a little drunk and didn't text message the entire known world. I consider this an excellent achievement.


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hi there

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Blogger maradawga said...

Hi anonymous ... thanks for being my first comment.

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Anonymous Sue said...

Can I be second?

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Blogger incendiarymind said...

I had no idea Alan Smith was so young either. I thought he was one of the elder statesmen for England and had actually retired from international cometitition. Shows how well I follow Man U. :)

I think RSL are going to keep getting crowds. Once the Jazz get eliminated from the NBA playoffs each year, they'll be the only game in town.

The weirdest thing about my Fire is that they're better on the road than at home. It's like they've got carry over from the Cubbie curse. :)

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