Saturday, June 11, 2005
Anyone can blog about a World Cup Qualifier ... takes a real die-hard to write about the U-20 World Cup.

Here's my thoughts so far:

  • I don't understand how Freddy keeps getting used on the wing. He's best used in the middle of the park where he can get some touches and dictate the distribution of the ball.

  • Not impressed with Westberg in goal.

  • Freddy has been incredibly impressive on the ball when he's had the sphere at his feet.

  • Marvell Wynne! This guy has been a beast as a right back and he's only a freshman in college (at UCLA: more on that later). His dad is the former Major League Baseball player by the same name. This kid could be a star for the Eagles when he graduates to the full national team. Marvell can run the 100-meter dash in a little under 12 seconds. That's crazy fast.

  • Chad Barrett has been huge for the US and is the one with the goal so far and has had a great game overall. On the heels of this tournament, I would certainly hope he gets a lot more playing time for Chicago Fire. He's fast and has a strong shot.

  • UCLA has four players on this U-20 team. Yeesh.

  • Hunter Freeman has not been impressive to me at left back. He seems a little like a midfielder who is being forced to play at fullback.

  • Freddy Adu missed the penalty! Granted, it was off the post and it wasn't like he put it 80 yards above the goal but it would have been amazing to have been up 2-0 on Argentina. To hold on to this win will be huge.

  • Argentina has looked very dangerous since the missed penalty.

  • Not sure what's up with Eddie Gaven. I was hoping the yellow card (that rule for an automatic yellow for kicking the ball away is good in theory but was horribly misapplied in that scenario) would really get him started but I haven't been impressed with what I've seen.

  • The man with the magic hair, Danny Szetela, has entered the contest. Looks like he's in for Barrett who has gone out with cramps.

  • Another guy I've been impressed with is Nathan Sturgis (also a freshman in college) who came on for Jonathon Spector (the Man Utd. fullback) when Spector picked up a knock in the first half. I think he's settled everyone down and played well.

  • And that's the final whistle! Quite possibly one of the biggest wins ever for the United States in any competition. We beat Argentina .... are you shitting me?! An absolutely huge win for the U.S. and gives us three huge points in the group of death. Next up is Germany. C'mon you Screaming Eagles!

    Blogger incendiarymind said... takes a real die-hard to write about the U-20 World Cup.

    So true, so true.

    Great stuff as always.

    Though aren't you a little worried about our U-20 goalie. He seems to be only average. There has to be some better goalie playing a the college level.

    Still amazing win. GO BABY YANKS!

    2:59 PM  
    Blogger maradawga said...

    An absolutely amazing win. I think Argentina is the better team but it's no longer that much of a gap. They ruled possession but it shows how far we've come that we can even be in a game like this.

    I appreciated the love for Freddy. I don't understand how Nowak can't be using this guy. He's the third or fourth best technical player in MLS (behind Djorkaeff, Donovan and maybe the Grown Ass Man) ... how can he not see the field for United!

    Also, the Fire are set with Barrett. That kid's going to be a star.

    Also, I'm very worried about Westberg in goal. If we don't have anyone else to play goal behind Keller, Hanehmann and Howard aside from Q-dawg, I'm very worried. Very, very worried.

    Can't wait to see us take on Germany!

    3:45 PM  

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