Monday, June 20, 2005
MLS Weekend Recap
  • Jeff Cunningham! With Ante Razov scoring two goals this weekend also, this means that Greg Andrulis let go two strikers who scored five goals this weekend. How much longer is it going to take before they sack this guy? Also, how in heaven is Jeff Cunningham, of the perenially inept Colorado Rapids, leading the league in goal scoring?

  • Someone call Dr. Frankenstein! D.C. United pulled themselves of the dust pile of MLS on Wednesday with an excellent 4-3 win over Chicago (with 14,000 in the stands ... can we just play in L.A., RSL and D.C. for the rest of the season?) and then broke up the Revs 2-0 on Saturday.

  • Now, I know this is an unpopular theory, but United needs to trade Freddy. Trade him to the Metros, to the Galaxy, I don't care. But this team works best without him and Nowak isn't interested in bringing him along. Freduardo would start with the Metros and could definitely learn great things from Youri and the newly-nattily attired Bob Bradley. Plus, it'd be a huge boost to the Metros sagging attendance and would fit the mold of what Alexi Lalas was talking about in regards to bringing in superstar-type players. I'm not sure who the Metros would have to give up to get him. Amado wouldn't help D.C. and I'm not sure if formerly-NY-NJ will give up Eddie Gaven (though I would). It'd be worth an allocation and cash, though, in jersey sales alone.

  • My favorite team, Real Salt Lake, is now the most goal-inept-for-the-longest-consecutive-period-of-time team in MLS history, bypassing the previous record set by the Galaxy. It's been 511 minutes since RSl scored a goal ... that's almost five whole games. Someone dive for a penalty already! With Mathis out this Wednesday due to yellow card accumulation, internet cult hero Jamie Watson will most likely get a start ... hopefully the UNC product will cause a goal for the Monarchs against Landon and the Galaxy this Wednesday.

  • Break up the MetroStars! My second favorite team, the one with the head coach now sporting the finery, is unbeaten in their last five and is creeping up on second place in the tough Eastern Conference. Razov, as noted, scored twice this weekend and is going to have to carry the team up front while Ibrahim is out with an injured knee.

  • FC Dallas downed the Gals without Mulrooney, Ruiz or Johnson in the lineup. And here I thought Colin Clarke was in over his head. Clearly the class of the West right now.

  • How do we put Chicago-Kansas City on ESPN2? The rest of our teams need to get good in a hurry to make our Saturday afternoon broadcasts more exciting. This weekend should be a good one, though, with the Quakes and Gals on under the lights in NoCal.

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