Tuesday, June 14, 2005
What does it all mean?
With the promotion of Alexi Lalas to the post of President & GM of the No-Longer-New-York-New-Jersey MetroStars, the question that immediately springs to mind for me is what happens next.

Well, during the conference call Tim Lieweke announced that the oft-rumored Harrison Stadium project was within a "week or two" of being finalized. Many Metros fans will remember fondly the more recent history of "60-90 days" and are naturally cynical. Based on what I've heard there may actually be some very good news this Thursday.

So, if the Metros have a stadium, a less-than-pariah general manager and some positive karma, what's next for the club?

Alexi Lalas outlined some of the things he thought were most important but one of the things that stuck out most was his double focus. He wants to bring groups and youth and the kids to the stadium but also at the same time make it possible for the die-hards to find what they're looking for. Let's face it ... Giants Stadium holds 77,000 people. If there's not room for everyone, I don't know where there is. You can't really blame the lack of attendance in San Jose on 'Lexi as he's had to fight the constant threat of the club being moved (which seems more and more likely with AEG moving Lalas out of San Jose) but he's got a hard road ahead of him in the swamp.

I personally think the fallout happens as such:

Lalas doesn't do much this year and focuses on bringing good vibes to the stadium and watches Bradley eke the team into the playoffs and maybe get past the first round. In the offseason, Lalas dumps some of the higher salaried guys who are wasting bench space (that means you, Sergio Galván Rey) and hires a new coach in the Gus Hiddink mold. No, he's not going to get Gus Hiddink, but he'll look for someone who focuses on bringing along young talent (something Bradley's good at) who also preaches attacking soccer and is media saavy (two things which do not describe Bradley).

Also, in the offseason, to build momentum for the new stadium, the team changes its name to ANYTHING OTHER THAN METROSTARS as that's the worst name in professional sports. They dropped the New York/New Jersey about four years ago but people insist on calling them that. Maybe they pick up Empire FC (though that lends more credence to the New York part) or call themselves the Metro Wanderers. I don't care. Just something that isn't the stupid name they have now. At least when I say Real Salt Lake, people know I'm talking about a soccer team.

Then, next year, the Metros go out, challenge a Clint Dempsey-less (he's been sold to PSV or Feyenoord) Revolution for best record in the league and win MLS Cup 2006 (which will conveniently be held at the new Bridgeview complex, which, after the naming rights were sold, is known as Sears Field).

Sure, it'll happen just like that.


Blogger incendiarymind said...

I love your speculations. They've been running wild recently haven't they? I blame the youth cup.

I kind of like Mid-Atlantic Rovers.

MAR is just a nice acronym.

1:09 AM  
Blogger maradawga said...

Mid-Atlantic Rovers? Classic!

I'm only partial to Empire FC because that's the adult league club team I play for in Brooklyn. So I'd already have the gear.

11:04 AM  
Blogger incendiarymind said...

If it's good enough for New England to call themselves after a region, it's good enough for the Mid-Atlantic.

Plus it would steam DC United since they're in the Mid-Atlantic too. :)

2:49 PM  

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