Wednesday, July 06, 2005
I live by the riiiiiver ....
So London has officially been "elected" as teh host city for the 2012 Olympics. Why is this important to me?

Well, for the following three reasons:

1) I would love to work for the Olympic games and I would love to live in London. Perhaps my company, which has opened the possiblity (however remote), might work on the Olympic website. We'd need a London office, right?

2) I live currently in New York so it means I'm up early this morning with thoughts of going to Rock Center for the announcement. Doesn't do me any good when I'm up for 20 minutes, and before I leave, to find out New York's been eliminated. So I'm in work early.

3) This is one the one that actually relates to MLS. As the Soccer Junkie pointed out, AEG is heavily involved with the London bid and stands to make a lot of money off the projects in the dilapadated East End of London during the course of construction for the Olympics. If AEG is doing well, so is MLS. And that's good for me.

3b) As Incendiarymind over at Footcer pointed out, the Olympics won't allow the U.K. to enter four teams into the Games for football (soccer, footcer ... whatever), only as a whole. Up until now, the municipalities haven't agreed to do that. However, Becks and Sven have said they'll support a united, er, United Kingdom soccer team for the 2012 Games if London was to win. It'd be neat to see a unified, er, United Kingdom soccer team featuring a 37-year-old Beckham holding down the last spot on the bench.


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