Wednesday, September 14, 2005
Central American National Team
So, yesterday was big news in the world of footcer with all the English clubs winning in the Champions League and Lyon laying the smack down on the Galacticos.

But no, fair friends, that's not the news that piqued my interest yesterday.

The news that most got my attention was right here in our own back yard. The L.A. Galaxy traded Jovan Kirovski to Colorado in exchange for a draft pick ... in 2007. Sure, this move was made possible by Herculez! Herculez!'s recent run of form and with the extra spot on the senior squad, Snr. Gomez will also be given a better contract.

While I think it's great that the Gals will give their developmental players who perform well senior roster contracts (you listening Chicago Fire?), it's still jarring to see a guy who has played in the Bundesliga, Champions League and England being traded to the league stepchild for a draft pick down the road.

Also, in other completely unsurprising moves, Marcelo Saragosa is coming back to the Galaxians in Steve Sampson's quest to remove every American from the team. C'mon, Stevie, you've only got Landon, Pete, Cobi, Chris and Hartman to get rid of! [Rob Schneider voice]You can do it![/Rob Schneider voice] (Yeah, I know there are more Americans on the team, but I can't remember the last American he brought in --- I don't count Landon, AEG brought him in.)

Also, Colorado brought in Diego Serna (I'd link to it if the Rapids site weren't down -- seriously, what is it going to take for them to give up their site to us?) in the 'Pids attempt to corner the global market in mediocre forwards. Seriously, don't they have something like 8 forwards on their roster? I'd check, but as I mentioned, their site is down.

More Champions League today and Open Cup tonight. I love MLS, I really do, but I'm a Thunder fan tonight.


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