Monday, October 03, 2005
When you get destroyed by your arch-rivals, at least hope your announcers aren't praising D.C.'s best player for being in the supporter's section ...
So, first things first, L'shanah Tovah to all the Members of the Tribe reading up today. Happy Rosh Hashanah to all the other non-Jews and yes, tomorrow is the day when all the Jews in your office are all out yet you to have to work. Don't worry, it evens itself up on Good Friday.

Now to the weekend that was. Once the regular season is over I'll begin a recap of each team, it's strengths and weaknesses but one team just required that I take a closer look right now. And I'll do that, but in a second.

How about San Jose? I thought they were going to be exposed this weekend. I didn't think that any team that was resting one of its two MVP candidates (in my book) this weekend had a chance against what I thought was, on Friday, the best team in the league. Impressive job up in New Eng-er-land, Quakes, and you're now five points clear for the Supporter's Shield. And you already reach 60 points. That's impressive.

But let's turn our attention to the Funk in the Swamp, the MetroStars. Watching the game this weekend, it wasn't the blowout that I think it looks like from the 4-1 scoreline. Then again, it's a 4-1 scoreline and that can only lie so much.

When the Metros took the lead, I thought it was the one of those late-season comebacks that MLS is famous for ... only with the Metros in the role of the Revs. Sure, the Red and Black didn't look solid in the back (have they at any point looked solid in the back?) but I thought they might be able to squeak out a 1-0 win behind a spirited crowd.

Then D.C. turned it on. The own-goal was something close to a death blow for the Metros. It was as if once they got scored on, the entire refrain was "oh, here we go again" and the team immediately thought they were going to lose. It didn't help that no one bothered to mark Ben Olsen and the route was on, even though it looked like Metro might pull one back.

I'm not sure what to think about Bob Bradley. I remember at the beginning of the season people thought the Metros might well be one of the worst teams ever (before anyone knew how bad Chivas and RSL might be) and here they are battling for the final playoff spot. But Bradley was also the one in charge when Agoos was brought in to anchor a 3-man back line ... something the Metros are ill-equipped to play.

So do you blame him for the wrong players and poor performance since then or do you credit him for even having this team fighting for a playoff spot?

I don't know.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think when you look at Bradley, you have to ask, have they gotten better at all in his time with the Metros? This is the third year under Bradley and they are basicly stuck in neutral. For every step forward there someplace else there is step back.

He's treading water, and for what AEG clearly wants the Metrostars to be, treading water isnt good enough.

1:35 AM  

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