Wednesday, December 14, 2005
In which I play the role of United analyst ...
In today's article, Steven Goff of The Washington Post discusses United contracts, who's coming and who might not be back for 2006.

Now, I'm not the DCenters and I certainly don't purport to be a United expert (also, check out his interview with United's Hispanic Marketing Manager -- it's good stuff).

However, if D.C. gets rid of the biggest goon in MLS (Dema), it provides United with some interesting options. Nowak has, for as long as I've been paying attention, used a 3-5-2 with United. The question that begs is was he using this formation because it best fit his squad or because he really prefers that formation. IF Nowak isn't married to the 3-5-2, this could be a great chance to get Freddy a starting role. With Moreno and Walker up top, Quaranta on the right, Gomez and Freddy in the middle and Gros on the left of a 4-4-2 ... well, that'd be a pretty formidable lineup.

I'm just sayin' is all. It also gets Boswell and Erpen on the field at the same time.

In more unfortunate news for United fans, los capitalinos resigned Nick Rimando's contract. I really do enjoy watching other teams take crosses against United. High comedy.


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