Thursday, December 15, 2005
It's not about the fans but all about the fans ...
Joe over at WCIS had a pretty good appeal to the fans of the Boys in Blue to get out and support their hometown team in hopes of encouraging the local authorities to have reason to build a stadium.

That stands in contrast to why San Jose is moving. With the news coming out that San Jose is all but gone and most likely headed to Houston, many Earthquakes fans are angry that they're the team being moved. Those fans feel that because San Jose had a better fan base than K.C., the Wizzle should be the ones on the chopping block.

To that I say: You, sir or madame, have missed the point.

San Jose isn't moving because of a lack of fans or interest from the local population. The franchise is moving because its owner, for the time being at least, couldn't or wouldn't afford to pay for the team to play in the deal they had. AEG refused to pay for the team to play in the deal that Spartan Stadium had offered them and wasn't able to get either a new stadium or a temporary home.

No one can force AEG to own a team and fans need to understand that. AEG felt that it was important to have the team in the league but to have them in San Jose wasn't something they were willing to do. To have them in Houston, though, they were willing to foot the bill because they got a better deal. No one knows right now how much better Robertson Stadium will be than Spartan Stadium but AEG didn't get to be a multi-billion dollar company by making stupid moves. I think we'll hear news about a new Houston stadium soon and I hope MLS will be back in the Bay Area before too long.

But it's not AEG's fault. So, San Jose fans, stop blaming them and help find someone with deep enough pockets to take over the team and get you guys a stadium built.


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