Friday, December 09, 2005
World Cup World Cup World Cup
Ok, so we're not in the group of death (that'd be group C: Argentina, Ivory Coast, Serbia and Monetengro and Netherlands) but our group isn't any easier. We open up against the Czech Republic (hello Nedved) and then face Italy in the second game. We'll finish up with Ghana. Let's just hope Freddy doesn't decide to up and play for the land of his birth because of the matchup.

If we win our group, we face the second team from Group F (Brazil, Croatia, Australia and Japan) and we finish second, we'll face the winner of F (most likely Brazil).

It's not an easy group. But I think we can do it.


Blogger D said...

Man oh man...

I like this. We know we have to be serious going into it. No lollygagging. Good. This team is best when focused (see vs. Mexico, to qualify).

But Brazil as an award if we get out? Yikes. I agree, of course, with Joe at WCiS on that matter.

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