Wednesday, January 04, 2006
Feliz Navidad
Happy new year to all who are still visiting this site. Now that I'm back from vacation and wild hinterlands south of America's most European city, I'm ready to rock and roll through all the exciting information MLS is pumping out on a daily basis.

Er, what's that? Nothing's happening?

Well, I'll do what I can.

One of the big things being railed about on that bastion of we-only-exist-to-cause-controversy-where-level-headed-people-can-easily-see-there-is-none, Soccernet's U.S. home page, is how MLS is making a horrible decision to play through the World Cup this summer.

Well, aside from us only losing about 20 - 30 players (if that many) for those six weeks (or, in T&T's case, four weeks --- two weeks to get ready, two weeks to go 0-3-0), what better opportunity to get people out to the stadium?

Where do people want to see World Cup games? On the biggest screen available. How much more perfect does it have to be for MLS to have World Cup/MLS doubleheaders? Get to the stadium at 2:00 p.m. in Columbus, watch the game on the big screen and then stick around to see the Crew players take on the Fire or something like that. People get excited about soccer during the World Cup ... if MLS gives them a reason to watch, I think it can be a real boon.

Now, the real reason we're playing through is the New York Giants, Denver Broncos, Kansas City Chiefs and New England Patriots. Because we're stuck having to fight them for scheduling (as well as UH and the Nationals), MLS can't afford to give up dates where the stadiums are free. Well, that and if you add six weeks on to the calendar, we're either starting in late February or ending in December.

It's not going to be that bad. I think it'll actually turn out to be good for the league in the long run.


Blogger D said...

Er, the rumor is no MLS games during group stages... true or false?

But I think you have a point. A good one.

12:17 PM  
Blogger maradawga said...

I haven't heard that rumor but I doubt it. At least we know the U.S. will still be playing during the group stage ... perfect time for a doubleheader is on Saturday the 17th we play the Italians.

3:57 PM  

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