Tuesday, January 17, 2006
The Guevara soap opera...
The Amado Guevara soap opera that has transpired most of the winter took a turn for the incredibly interesting today when Guevara said he doesn't want to play for the Metros as long as Lexi is there.

He's backed up by his agent, Richard McCabe, who said the following:
"I haven't spoken to Amado, but I don't need to," McCabe said Monday. "It's pretty clear to me that the MetroStars want to get rid of Amado. They are doing their best to trade him."
This is important to me for two reasons:

1) MLS can use all the Hot Stove news it can get.

2) This is on the team's official site. It's long been an argument between the teams, league and the company providing the production of the websites (Baseball Advanced Media, the brains behind MLB.com) about what can go on the team sites. The teams, for the most part, want a straight Pollyanna view on the website while BAM wants as much interesting, and sometimes "bad PR", as it can get.

Perhaps the addition of Will Kuhns (former editor for Soccer America) as the new Director of Communication of the league is already having a positive impact on the stories getting out.


Anonymous nico said...

Lalas is such a knob. He's going to run that team even further into the ground.

That'd be interesting seeing him play for Dallas. Isn't there also rumors that Metro wants to dump Gaven?

3:35 PM  
Blogger D said...

Fascinating point on bad news being carried on an official MLS site. Something that would MLS ahead of the MLB's various Pravda reporters.

12:56 PM  

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