Monday, April 24, 2006
The week that was ...
I guess it's only a good idea if I do it weekly ... so, here's another for this week.

Five and Five: Five things I liked from the weekend that was in Major League Soccer; five things I didn't like.

Things I liked:

1. Alecko Eskandarian. I don't really care that much for the guy (in that he's the guy I love to hate because he's a cocky sob) but fantastic goal celebration. Hell, it made PTI today. It gives MLS more of what I've always said it needs: sports hate. D has his take on it while many other people to whom I won't link because I'm lazy like that weigh in.

My thought. O'Rourke should have put a boot up Esky's ass. His not doing so proved to me all I needed to know about this year's Red Bulls.

2. Husting Hoops. Nice job by Kenny Cooper and Aaron Pitchkolan in Sunday's win over the Blues. Cooper should have drawn a penalty, and, yes, Bo Bo should have punched that ball somewhere into the vicinity of Plano, but neither happened and Cooper's husting gets him a goal (and the worst celebration ever ... more on that later). Pitchkolan made up for his lack of playing time by running full bore for his entire time on the field, making something happen and getting the Hoops the three points.

3. Crew Nation! I didn't get to see the game (yes, HDnet pays MLS a rights fee -- bet you didn't know that with all the hubub about the ESPN/ABC rights-fee deal for next year -- but would it kill you to make it available online if you're exclusive?) but it's nice to see the Bees pick up three points. That team will be good in two years or so ... they just have to get through this year.

4. 8,475 people in the NYC metro area. That's how many people Red Bull said showed up to the game. I was there and I think they're actually probably close. Kudos to you folks for braving a miserable day and coming out to a game (even if you did hide, like me, under the overhang). Also, kudos to the DC fans and ESC who gave at least a little energy (haha, I keel me) to an otherwise drab affair.

5. Ok, so it would have been nice if you could have launched this when you said you were going to launch it, and I'd appreciate it if you would not show me the score of the game in the player window, but the game that you did sell me for $20 loaded perfectly. I don't mind paying for the service. Just stop showing me the score.

Five things I didn't like:

1. You're owner manufactures an energy drink? Just a miserable performance by the Red Bulls. Even D noticed that New York never adjusted to the field which you think they'd be able to considering it's their home pitch. I can't remember how many balls were splayed out of bounds because no one seemed to notice that the ball might run a bit on the wet, slick surface. Just a miserable display. Hopefully they weren't fighting for their coach's life because if they were, Mo's a dead man.

2. Amado Geeeee-vara. I don't know what I can say about this guy other than just a miserable performance. I guess his performance matched the team's but he just deserves to be called out for a horrendous performance.

3. The Wizards big three. Eddie Johnson, Josh Wolff and Davy Arnaud had no goals on Sunday. At one point, the Wizzle had FIVE forwards on the field and only Alex Zotinca could get on the board. Speaking of Zotinca, at what point are we no longer going to have players in our top flight outdoor league who didn't come here to play indoor ball?

4. Real Salt Lake. I didn't think their performance was actually that bad ... but seriously, what does it take for that team to get a win?

5. Stoppage time. Someone was, rightfully, complaining about this on BigSoccer. Seven minutes in the Crew game. Five minutes in the Dallas game.

That's too much time! If the teams can't get it done in 91 or 92 minutes, then too bad.


Blogger D said...

re: MLSNET.TV - It didn't work on my PC in Firefox at all, was wonky in IE with constant buffering, but worked fine on my wife's Mac. Makes my think the problem is me, and not MLS. Still, I would like to watch it from my PC. Nice way to catch the RSL-Houston fixture.

1:27 PM  
Blogger maradawga said...

That's weird that it worked on the Mac. From what I've heard it should be the exact opposite of the issues you're discussing (i.e., working fine on IE and Firefix, wonky on the Mac).

That said, I'm hoping this weekend works well. There's a couple of games I want to see.

2:41 PM  
Blogger Crew Fan said...

MLSNet.TV has been shaky at best on both Firefox and IE on my computer; I was beginning to think it was just me or my connection. Apparently it isn't. As for the stoppage time allowed, I'm curious if anyone actually timed how much time was taken by goal celebrations and injuries, since, after all, that's the rationale FIFA has given for using stoppage. I'm curious to see how close MLS refs are to that.

11:27 PM  

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