Thursday, June 22, 2006
Liveblog of US - Ghana
Final: A friend of mine compares Arena to Dom Capers ... that's the most accurate thing I can think of right now. "The World No Longer Wants to Play You". In what ... tiddlywinks?

Final: Let's just hope MLS isn't folding as we speak (that's a joke). It's up to our domestic league to create better players to help us compete on the world's stage.

Final: Donovan, Beasley, Johnson. That's supposed to be the holy triumverate. Whoever the next coach of the US is (and it better not be Arena -- he's a good coach but he's taken us as far as we can go) has got to make people start challenging for their place. Too much is taken for granted with this team. I don't even know if it's new players but Reyna, McBride, etc., those guy's time is done.

Final: US falls 2-1 to Ghana and finishes fourth in the group. No wins. One goal scored by us. 4-5-1 the whole way through. A disappointing World Cup for us and completely devoid of inspiration. Congrats to Ghana. They are the better side this week.

93: This the same way we played in game 3 in 2002. Bruce should be let go.

90: Five minutes of stoppage time and Olsen gets a great shot! that is blocked and Ghana gets the ball back and takes it into our end and Ghana earns a foul. Milking it.

90: Ghana gets a shot off and almost scores. 'Celo praises US effort ... I think we played scared not to lose. Ridiculous.

90: Ghana fans booking passage into the next round. They'll face Brazil and we'll have Eddie Pope and Clint Dempsey and Jimmy Conrad and Ben Olsen back playing MLS in two weeks.

89: Beasley plays for a Dempsey run as Italy finishes up their game with a 2-0 win. Did what we needed. We didn't handle the business.

89: Ball going everywhere. No real chances for the US.

87: Corner garners nothing. Another shot over the bar.

86: Corner to the US while Pimpong stays down from some random foul that no one saw. Allows Ghana to get back and get water.

84: Cross in to Boca who tries to head a low ball with the back of his head and pops it over the goal.

82: Italy scores again. They're doing everything to help us but we can't do it. We get on a break, Convey with a chance and floats a cross too far so we don't get a chance to finish.

Note: Boca made a great play to deny a Ghana chance.

81: Convey gets drilled NFL DB style on the edge of the 18. If we're going to do something, let's do it now ... Donovan takes ... horrible. Too long and wide trying to float it to Dempsey on the back post.

80: 10 minutes to go. You guys feel like playing yet?

79: McBride goes after a jump ball and Kingson goes down as if he's been shot.

78: US out of ideas. Just lobbing long balls down the field.

75: Ghana offensive player goes down and keeps himself on the gorund while Dempsey plays it out. Nice sportsmanship but only 13 minutes left in the game.

75: Johnson gets a foot on it but out for a GK.

74: Convey is coming in for Lewis. I don't understand this at all.

73: Ghana gets a counter opportunity but Conrad gets in the way.

73: Beasley with a foul on the left flank.

71: We've got to take some more chances. This is ridiculous.

70: Eddie Lewis offsides this time.

70: To be honest, Ben Olsen has played pretty well. Though we're wasting too many good opportunities.

69: Donovan offsides. He's been invisible today.

67: Boca has a go and earns a corner. Taken by Donovan ... AND GOOCH JUST HIGH! Argh.

66: Another cross in and Kingson plays it away!

65: McBride nearly ties it! Drills the outside of the post and it bounces back.

64: Ghana with all 11 men back. They have to give up 2 to not go through.

64: Drummond gets tremendous jump and is wide open all the way down the left and US lucks out when he can't cross well and is cleared out for GK.

63: Keller handles weak cross in. Keller punts it all the way down the field and Kingson picks it up.

61: Wonder what Freddy Adu is thinking right now.

61: EJ coming on for Cherundolo. I don't understand that ... what the heck is the formation now? Who cares. Just run around and SOMEONE SCORE!

60: O'Brien salivating over EJ who is now putting his jersey on.

59: Ghana brings in Eric Addo (who rules for PSV on Championship Manager) for Amoah. Defensive substitution.

58: Dempsey gets to endline and crosses into the box but easy for Kingson.

57: Dangerous Ghana cross just goes wide of the net.

57: Too much time wasted by the US right now. Too much time.

55: Ghana player injured in the box. They have to take him off. Down to 10 for corner by Donovan ... short corner to Beasley which doesn't get us anything. Ghana counters and long shot by Amoah tipped wide by Keller.

54: Apparently US players now warming up. Perhaps they heard 'Celo. Ghana called for a high kick near the corner flag. Pseudo corner for the US taken by Donovan ... dangerous. Cleared out by Ghana for a corner.

52: If the ball isn't played right to Beasley, he's not going to make the effort to go get it.

51: 'Celo says he wouldn't have waited to put Johnson in. Notes that no one for the US is warming up.

50: US doing too much screwing around.

49: We better get this time back.

47: Essien goes down and stays down. Beasley was going to start a counter but graciously plays it out.

46: Donovan floats a cross in and Kingson comes out to snag it.

46: Ghana kicks off, US going left to right on your TV screen.

46: No changes for the US. Incredible.

Halftime: Italy and Czechs come back out. It looks like Italy is going to win this. We're getting a golden opportunity. Time to take advantage of it.

Halftime: Alright, since we've already used one sub, here's the idea. Out comes Lewis, Beaz out left and Johnson in up top. We have to score twice and we're clogging the center of the field and STILL giving up counters. Let Benny stay back and let the other five go forward with Beaz and Dempsey tracking back.

Halftime: The US has avoided the right side of the field for most of the game. It's frustrating but we're clogging the midfield. Look at it this way, we've given up 2 with 9 men behind the ball, we can't do much worse with only 8 guys back.

Halftime: Apparently the Czechs have had a player sent off. We've got everything going our way, we're going to need to follow through on our end of the bargain.

Halftime: US looked like they weren't ready to play for the first 40 minutes and Dempsey's goal really shook them back to life. I'm not sure what we're going to do but we have to bring in another attacker and get forward. They counter well, but we don't go through with only a draw. Losing 4-1 is the same as 2-2.

Halftime: We've got to be more aggressive. 45 minutes and we need two goals. Johnson has to come on.

47: US gives all the momentm right back. Gooch called for a bogus foul on Pimpong in the box. PK taken by Appiah and .... buried in the back of the net. 2-1 Ghana.

44: CLINT MOTHERFUCKING DEMPSEY! Beasley steals a ball back, streaks down the left, crosses a pinpoint perfect pass to Dempsey and Clint BURIES the ball in the Ghana net. I take back everything I said about Beaz.

43: Essien dives but doesn't get the card and earns a foul. Free kick passed to the right and then shot wide.

43: Essien dives but doesn't get the card and earns a foul. Free kick passed to the right and then shot wide.

42: Dempsey makes a great run into the box but can't get the final pass off.

41: Reyna has to come off and ... Ben Olsen comes in. Ben Fucking Olsen is playing in the most important game the US has played.

39: Lewis gets in behind Ghana defense, crosses in but everyone slips trying to slow down for the ball.

38: Corner from Donovan not high enough, nodded it out and Ghana counters. Now controlling in the attacking third. We get the ball back and are streaking forward until Dempsey leaves it for Beaz who just stops. Kills momentum.

36: Dolo earns a foul on the right edge of the box, cross in from Lewis ... Kingson knocks away a dangerous ball.

35: US' first good chance. Long ball to McHead who nods it down to Donovan who can't get it on target from 14 yards.

34: It's not like we have Koller up top ... why do we keep floating in long balls into the box?

33: Ghana player (#7) picks up a yellow for a headball challenge on Dempsey. Dempsey could play for Italy, he goes down at a stiff wind.

32: Ghana continues to put pressure on the US before turning it over on a handball.

31: 'Celo is spot on so far. We look slow and uninterested.

29: If Bruce doesn't put Johnson in for Beaz at half, he should be fired on the spot.

29: US looks dangerous for first time today, Reyna gives it away and Pimpong nearly scores (like, inches away) on the counter. We're awful so far.

28: Reyna's back on the field. He's killing me today.

27: ITALY SCORES! We have to come back and win this game.

26: Lewis with a corner from the left ... Kingson comes out to knock it away. Looked dangerous for a second. US gets one more chance on the attack and heads meekly to the keeper.

23: Reyna gives the ball away on our 20 and #23 dribbles in for the easy goal. Now Reyna seems down with a left knee injury. He's done for the day.

20: Conrad dives back to clear a good cross from Ghana and heads it out for a coner. Appiah with the corner .... whistle in the middle and we're going the good guys' way.

20: Donovan looks like he forced a corner kick but is incorrectly ruled offsides. Win some, lose some.

19: Gooch fouls in the midfield and luckily does not pick up a second yellow. He'd be out against Brazil if we go through.

18: Lewis comes back on and US continues to misfire trying to get the ball out to the left.

17: Corner for the US. Gooch comes up ... Dempsey gets a head on it but right at the keeper.

16: Lewis gets cut on a header challenge. Adrian!

15: Italy match: Czechs get a great shot on goal but Buffon keeps it out.

15: Donovan tries to reach the end of a free kick from the top of the box but heads meekly to the keeper.

14: Both teams look tentative. Ghana doesn't want to make a mistake and the left side of the US offense looks allergic to the left side of the field.

13: McBride offsides on fantastic scoring opportunity.

11: Very dangerous turnover by Beasley (shite!) turns into a counter that Ghana is just offsides on.

9: Free kick taken to top of the box and Essien shot goes well right.

9: Conrad gives up a foul in a hugely dangouers area right outside the box on the right side.

8: Eddie Lewis picks up a card from Markus Merk for intentional handball even though it doesn't appear to be intentinoal.

5: Yellow to Essien for a rough foul on Captain America.

5: Ghana plays with the ball in the back, keeping possession.

3: Dempsey and McHead go for a ball int he box and foul on US. Ghana player shaken up. Good job by Lewis to get ball back in box.

2: Gooch tries long ball down right to Dolo. US Looks for cross to McBride but keeper nabs it.

1st minute: US kicks off going right to left on your TV screen.

10:01: Kickoff! Also, Italy kicks off with Czechs. Forza Italia!

9:59: Ghana comes out in 4-4-2. Are we actively trying to lose?

9:58: US fans sound in full voice singing along to national anthem. We need the 12th man.

9:57: O Say can you see ...

9:56: Ghana anthem is on. More people join us in the office to watch the game.

9:54: It's hard to work up much hate for Ghana but Adam comes up with a winner: Ghana About to Discover that Beating U.S. Means No More AIDS Funding.

9:53: Flags are presented. I stand up and sing along to the national anthem.

9:51: Ok, he's not as bad as Brent Musberger, but he's not good at all.

9:51: Dave O'Brien comes on the air. I wish I could just tune him out. Worst. Announcer. Ever.

9:49: The Gatorade "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" ad comes on. It becomes harder and harder to hate the drink the Lizards make.

9:48: Julie Foudy is blathering on about something to do with the midfield. All I can think is EJ is our best player and Beaz has mailed it in all tournament. I'm not listening, I'm mostly just sitting here trying not to puke up the bagel I had.

9:44: The US roster is announced. Bruce has lost his mind. 4-5-1 with Dempsey, Reyna, Lewis, Beasley, and Donovan in the midfield.

9:38: More ads on ESPN for this crazy show on ABC tonight about people power sliding tractor trailers into parallel parking spots.

9:37: It's been a busy time, but nothing is more important than this morning's Ghana game. The following is a liveblog of the most important game in the history of US soccer and the start of the most hyperbole used in a two hour period ... ever.


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Great job on this. Your updates were better than the other livebloggers and quicker too.

Shame about the game though.

12:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Someone should tell those idiotic ESPN commentators the rules regarding penalty kicks. They can read them on the FIFA laws of the game which are on their webpage. It doesn't matter if the guy was going to get the ball or not, that's absolutely secondary!

12:44 PM  
Blogger Crew Fan said...

Nice job with the liveblogging!

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