Thursday, August 10, 2006
So much to say ...
Well, aside from showing me to be a Dave Matthews fan, that accurately represents what's happening with our favorite little league this side of the Atlantic Ocean.

All-Stars over Chelsea. D.C. tying Real Madrid (and selling out in less than three weeks). New TV deal (biggest thing to happen to the league. Ever.). Youth systems. Red Bull Park groundbreaking on September 19.

That all goes to show the slow but steady progress soccer is having in this country. What's that they say about a rising tide lifting all boats?

In the coming years, soccer will start to make inroads as an accepted sport in the U.S. And it won't always be MLS. It's going to be frustrating for those of us who think of D.C. first when someone mentions United or Houston when someone says Dynamo ... but we're just going to have to be patient.

Last year at this time, you wouldn't see this on's homepage and there's no way you would have seen this on There would have been on sponsored Premier League fantasy game last year and there was no way the premier ESPN columnist would have been devoting an entire column to his new love for the beautiful game.

Some people ask why it's hard for us to enjoy this and why all we see is disrespect when the Sports Guy isn't picking Chivas USA (not saying D is whining or anything, it's just the best post I remember about the situation). "They're not paying attention to our baby!" we reply, hoping that somewhere someone will just shine a light on something that we love.

Well, someone did. John Skipper did (and if you don't know his name you betta' find out who he is and then send flowers his way). Jose Mournihno did. Adidas did.

Now it's time for us to force the spotlight on ourselves. Take someone to see their first game and be hero.

Without spending $150 million in the process.


Blogger D said...

That's right... wait until I go on vacation, then post a bunch of interesting stuff, just to see if I'll notice that you took a shot at me... I see how the game works :)

3:38 PM  
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